Transaction Management - $350 per transaction

· Send out introduction email to all parties of transactions

· Send Seller Questionnaire & Buyer Info Forms to seller & buyer agents

· Confirm title company received escrow deposit in timeline per contract – Request EMD for file

· Receive signed sales contract – send fully executed contract to all parties

· Check all addendums are attached and all documents have been signed/initialed 

· Check all contingency due dates and set up reminders to ensure no important deadlines are missed. 

· Communicate with Agent to confirm all paperwork has been received and is correct 

· Prepare commission disbursement forms and send to appropriate parties 

· Send Agent copy of timelines and critical dates processing: 

· Confirm that title has been ordered and if not then order. 

· Update title with Buyers information and arrange for copies to be sent to all parties Confirm that title has been received by all parties 

· Confirm that Association docs, budget, minutes are received 

· Contact Buyers’ Lender that loan application has been made and request a copy of the Buyers pre-qualification letter. Add to digital file. 

· Check Earnest-Money note due date, track and add to digital file 

· Confirm listing status changed in MLS

Vendor Appointments: 

· Set up and confirm Home Inspector appointment 

· Set up and confirm Pest Inspector (if appropriate) 

· Set up and confirm any additional service provider appointments 

· Monitor and obtain receipts for all work orders 

· Appraiser check when to be carried out – complete list of upgrades – comps to share with the appraiser

· Confirm survey has been ordered

Deadline Tracking: 

· Send reminders to Agent via phone and/or email daily to confirm contingency due dates. 

· Typical but not limited to contingencies that are tracked: 

· Inspection Contingency 

· Financing Contingency 

· Sale of Contingent property 

· Appraisal call to Lender 

·- Check date of appraisal 

· Lender Communication: 

· Periodical checks with the Lender to ensure that the transaction is going as scheduled 

· Track work orders and obtain receipts 

· Monitor estimated delivery of loan docs to Escrow

Escrow Communication: 

· Liaison with Escrow to confirm Loan docs are received prior to closing 

· Liaison with Escrow to confirm signing appointments have been set up 

· Ensure that Escrow have copies of all receipts for work orders 

· Contact Escrow on the day of closing to ensure that recording and funding has occurred with no problems. 

· Contact Agent confirm that the transaction has closed 

Additional Services: 

· Check and confirm with Agent Buyers walk through prior to closing 

· Custom branded CD for Agent & Office with all key documents, notes & emails 

· Check status in MLS to sold 

· Order sign to be removed 

· Digital storage of File for 30 days after closing